Event: LGBT History Month – Castle Lights

Client: Welsh Governmen

Event Type: Lighting Up 3 Castles

Venue: Kidwelly, Conwy & Chepstow Castle

Want to achieve a similar result? Here is our kit list:

  • ChromaFloor 200
  • Avolites Titan One control desk
  • 10kVA Silenced Diesel Generator

One of our primary objectives was to create an impressive atmosphere to captivate the public and astound the LGBT community and give them recognition. An impressive lighting display was required for this project and the set-up needed to be truly astounding. We designed to lighting with the aim to mesmerise the general public.



Conwy, Kidwelly and Chepstow Castle were all lit up with the colours of the rainbow over two days. We used the latest LED outdoor lighting technology to achieve the rainbow effect and create an impact.



All three castles were lit up with rainbow colours to promote the equality and diversity for LGBT. We were able to increase the visibility of the lives, experiences and history of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.