Our previous blog post was designed to inform you about the interactive services available to you.

Now, we are going to explain the benefits using interactive voting has on your audience, speakers and event planners.
Interactive services provide many benefits as they are able to enhance your event in a variety of ways


“Numerous studies confirm that meaningful interaction between a presenter and the audience will improve attentiveness, interest, comprehension and recall.”

Directly involving audience members and obtaining instant feedback leads to and promotes effective communication. This results in greater effectiveness for the audience members as well as the presenter.

One of the main benefits is the greater interaction between the presenters and participants. This is because the event no longer has to be the presenter talking at the audience for hours; instead the event has potential to be more open and free for everyone to get involved. Below is a list of the other benefits, interactive services have:

  • Interactive Services help to engage your audience by allowing them to participate. Everyone can participate – some people may not want to put their hand up and ask a question so this allows them to do it without public speaking.
  • Finding out the opinions of audience members may enable you to adapt your presentation to suit their needs. You may want to ask a series of questions prior to your presentation to determine which areas of the presentation require more information than others.
  • Another benefit of interactive voting is being able to check the understanding of audience members. Some audience members may not want to speak up about not understanding a particular topic. Audience voting allows them to do this anonymously.


  • Keeping participants alert, attentive and engaged is vital during events. Interactive voting does this because it gives the audience something to do. Therefore, you will be able to gain insights into your audience’s opinions and understand their views.
  • Interactive voting allows the presenter to see in real time how the participants are doing and how well they are absorbing the information. They may discover particular areas which need more information to help the audience understand better.


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