Our previous two blog posts in this interactive services series have explained which services are available and the benefits of using them. This post is to give you examples and ideas of where to use interactive voting.

Interactive Voting Systems can be used in seminars, meetings, conferences and other situations.

Here are some suggestions!

Interactive Conferences: Voting keypads can be used in conferences to gather large amounts of information quickly and easily. Voting allows the results to be viewed live to the whole group or teams. Interactive technologies allow additional questions to be entered to ask ‘before’ and ‘after’ questions so comparisons can be made after debates.

Staff Meetings: Staff meetings are carried out regularly in most organisations, however, interactive voting could make the meeting more effective by allowing immediate feedback to be shown and discussed on subjects raised. Questions could be asked at the start for everyone to vote, and then the same question could be asked at the end to see if any views have been changed.

Making it Fun: Interactive voting can make events more fun by adding a competition or challenge for the audience to participate in. For example, it could be a quiz based competition where audience members are split up into teams and have to get the “fastest correct answer”. Not only will this excite team members but can help team members to engage with each other by working as part of a

Sale Conferences: Interactive Voting can be used to ask questions to gather customer opinions of the company and their products as well as competitors. This information will be valuable to businesses to analyse the views of potential customers.

Market Research: Using voting keypads during focus groups can provide valuable insights into opinions and trends. Opinions could be gathered instantly then the discussion could be made based on the opinions of attendees.

These are just a few examples but interactive voting systems can be used in any venue for any event!

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